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Nulled version download - "WP Login Control - A Powerful WYSIWYG CSS3 Editor for WordPress"

Free download WP Login Control - A Powerful WYSIWYG CSS3 Editor for WordPress !

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WP Login Control – WYSIWYG editor

WP Login Control easily customize your WordPress login page in minutes with no coding skills required.
Transform the default log-in page into a professional and unique page that blends nicely with your brand or identity.
Create as many forms as you want and activate them individually, randomly or with cron, you can preview and activate them in the backend.

Select the tags individually or with multiple selection with the “Ctrl” key or click drag and select, change the CSS properties at once in the selected elements/tags with our toolboxes.

Remember that you can press right button for each item or selection and its corresponding popup menu will appear.

Multilingual ready, translations English, Spanish.

Documentation and help resources

You can access the user’s quick guide in different ways.

  1. On the official site of the plugin: https://wplogincontrol.com/documentation/index.html
  2. Unzipping the plugin file, in the ”/documentation/index.html” folder.
  3. Accessing the “About” menu, once the plugin is installed, in the “help” MetaBox.

We are creating video tutorials that you can follow in the following direction https://wplogincontrol.com/tutorials/ or you can subscribe to our channel in youtube.


WP Login Control Customizer allows you to change almost any aspect of the login page:


  • Primary Color
  • Font Color
  • Background Color
  • Border Color
  • Border Radius
  • Opacity
  • Margin
  • Border
  • Padding
  • Position
  • Width
  • Height
  • Background Clip
  • Background Image
  • Background Image repeat
  • Background Size Type
  • Font Family
  • Font Variations
  • Font Size
  • Text Shadow
  • Hide any tag
  • Flip any tag
  • Hover

Almost all CSS properties can be applied to

  • Logo
  • Forms ( Login, Lost & Register)
  • Button

Coming soon

  • Google Fonts
  • Font Awesome (visual editor)
  • Redirect after Login
  • Redirect after Register
  • Templates (Export / import)
  • Add new tags or pre-designed elements ( Drag and Drop)
  • Edit landing pages
  • Edit pages


1. Upload `wp-Login-control` to the `/wp-content/plugins/` directory.
2. Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress.
3. Create as many forms as you want, edit with the visual editor and activate the ones you want, more than one if you want, they will be randomly displayed.
4. Enjoy your custom login page.

Important notes before buying

1. Some themes or plugins redirect the login page, in these cases the plugin will work properly and you will be able to edit login page forms but will not be shown, in future revisions this plugin will be able to create login pages, widgets, shortcodes and redirects.
2. If you do not know if you are using the default WordPress login page or just want to know if the plugin will work in your WordPress installation, you can download and install this plugin in its free version from https://wordpress.org/plugins/wp-login-control/


Version 1.4.0 – May 23, 2017 (First version published in “Envato”)

  • Added : Individual images can now be inserted
  • Added : A new toggle buttons option form has been added
  • Added : Hide the login error message
  • Added : Hide “Remember Me”
  • Added : Hide log in | Lost password link
  • Added : Hide the “Back to” link
  • Added : Remove the login page shake
  • Added : Set “Remember Me” to checked
  • Added : Now, you can style the error message and message when disconnected
  • Added : Now, you can style the “Lost your password Form”
  • Added : Now, you can style the “Register Form”
  • Added : Custom CSS editor for advanced users
  • Added : Edit Logo Title and Logo Link
  • Added : Support for “Font Awesome 4.7.0” through the css editor
  • Fixed : Fixed error loading preview of new forms
  • Fixed : Fixed preview when cloning
  • Fixed : Fixed an error with the background color of the body, which appeared in the previous revision

Version 1.3.2 – Apr 13, 2017

  • Changed : Changes to include this plugin in the WordPress.org directory
  • Changed : Deleted Premium icons to be compatible with GPL
  • Changed : Validations in the javascript interface, for better experience and stability
  • Changed : Names of functions, defines, classnames, hooks, nonces, etc. have been changed to coexist with other plugins
  • Changed : Improvements in the text shadows tool

Version 1.3.1 – Mar 16, 2017

  • Fixed : Fixed error in some files that caused that only the interface in Spanish was shown
  • Fixed : Fixed minor translations in login page

Version 1.3 – Mar 3, 2017

  • Added : First version of the VOD PLUS add-on (Premium)
  • Added : The CSS property “Background-size” has been added
  • Added : The CSS property “Background-origin” has been added
  • Added : The CSS property “Background-Blend” has been added. “Edge” does not support this property
  • Added : 15 new CSS Text and Font properties, some of them only in (Premium Version)
  • Added : text-align
  • Added : text-decoration
  • Added : text-transform
  • Added : text-indent
  • Added : letter-spacing
  • Added : line-height
  • Added : direction
  • Added : word-spacing
  • Added : text-overflow
  • Added : text-shadow
  • Added : font-family
  • Added : font-size
  • Added : font-style
  • Added : font-variant
  • Added : font-weight
  • Changed : Improvements in the combo boxes, a custom one has been created
  • Changed : 9 values have been added in the CSS property “Background-position”
  • Changed : 4 values have been added in the CSS property “Background-repeat”
  • Changed : 3 values have been added in the CSS property “Background-attachment”
  • Changed : Secondary toolboxes can now be expanded and collapsed in each section
  • Changed : Toolboxes are now automatically updated when an object is selected or when the hover button is pressed
  • Fixed : When you save the changes, you no longer lose the selection of the selected items
  • Fixed : Some css errors in the generation of the external css file
  • Fixed : Errors when setting and deleting background images

Version 1.0.2 – Jan 30, 2017

  • Fixed : 4 errors in the CSS code that affected the toolbox. With these fixes, Edge and Safari work correctly
  • Fixed : Error in the flip buttons, which caused the toolboxes to also flip when applied to the Body element (DESIGNAREA)

Version 1.0 – Jan 25, 2017

  • Initial release, enjoy it.