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WooCommerce and WC Vendors Order Limit is a wordpress based plugin for Woocommerce, WC Vendors and WC Vendors Pro.

WooCommerce and WC Vendors Order Limit is an ‘All in One’ plugin for WC Vendors limits, Products limits, Product category limits, Cart Total Value limits, Guest order limit, Order Limit, Purchase Limit and Min / Max quantity and amount limit.

WooCommerce and WC Vendors Order Limit gives Shop Manager the ability to apply minimum and maximum limits for Products, Products Categories, Vendor and total cart value. Shop Manager can limit customers to buy a certain amount or quantity. Customers does not meet your Order Limit criteria, they will be notified by custom messages based on what they have in cart to assist them. Shop Manager can control Custom Messages from Dashboard. Customers will not be able to place an order until they meet Order Limit criteria.

Main Features

Here are Main features of WooCommerce and WC Vendors Order Limit plugin:

1. WC Vendors Order Limit

  • 1.1. Admin can set individual limit for each vendor
  • 1.2. Admin can give access to vendor to change Order Limit
  • 1.3. Vendor has the ability to change Order Limit
  • 1.4. Additional features as same as Product and Product Category Limit

2. Product Order Limit.

  • 2.1. Set Minimum and Maximum Amount / Quantity Limit on all product
  • 2.2. Set Minimum and Maximum Order Amount / Quantity on individual Product
  • 2.3. Set Accumulative Limit on multiple Product
  • 2.4. Enable / Disable Individual Rule
  • 2.5. Enable / disable Maximum limit
  • 2.6. Apply limit rule in the date ranges
  • 2.7. Enable / Disable Time Span

3. Product Category Order Limit

  • 3.1. Limit total quantity of products can purchase on a category
  • 3.2. Set Accumulative Limit on multiple category
  • 3.3. Enable / Disable Individual Rule
  • 3.4. Enable / disable Maximum limit
  • 3.5. Apply limit rule in the date ranges

4. Order Total Limit

  • 4.1. Set Minimum and Maximum Amount To place an order
  • 4.2. Set Minimum and Maximum Quantity To place an order

5. Guest User Order Limit

  • 5.1. Limit Guest User To place Minimum and Maximum Order of Products and Categories
  • 5.2. Set Start and Ending Time for Guest User To place an Order

6. Hide Check Out Button

  • 6.1. Show / Hide Check Out Button Based On Order Limit

7. Custom Message

  • 7.1. Modify All Add to cart Messages to notify users of the limits
  • 7.2. Assist user by custom messages to remove errors and place their Order

Use Cases

  • You have a small store and can’t deliver Order in Bulk.
  • Restrict Guest users to place order in bulk.
  • Emphasize Guest Users to become Registered Member of the store to place order in bulk.
  • Restrict Customers to place small amount / Quantity order where shipping cost is higher than order.
  • Ware Houses can place restriction to receive minimum amount / quantity order.
  • Force customers to buy old products with new arrival.
  • If you are running a multivendor stores then may be your vendors want to apply limits on their Products like some vendor says that he would not receive an order if quantity of his items in cart or amount of his items in cart does not meet certain criteria.
  • Time Limited Offers
  • Weighed products offers
  • Advertisement purpose
  • Permotional purpose
  • Whole sale Purpose
  • On seasonal sales when you give discounts to you customers on specific Products and Categories then you may want that if customer buy a specific amount of product then discount will apply. You can apply limits on the Products or Products Categories on which you are giving discount.
  • Almost every store provides a discounts to their customers on Holly Festival Events like (Christmas, Easter) then you can apply limits on the Products on which you are giving discounts.
  • Restrict customers to place an order only if they meet certain condition.
  • Much more up to your imagination.

Common Features

Each Product, Product Category, Vendor would have the following common features:

<tbody> </tbody>
Min Limit: Mandatory
Max Limit: This is optional, you can disable this.
Applied On: Either you want to apply limits on quantity or amount.
Time span: This is also optional if you enable this option then you will specify start and end time and this limit will be applied only in specified time.

Additional Feature

Ready to go
Designed to run without any coding. Upload, activate and Place Order Limit, that’s all.

No extra requirements
Works with minimum requirements that supported by almost every hosting provider.

User Experience
Designed for fluent usage with continuous form design with best UX.

Responsive UI
Access your dashboard from any device like mobile, tablet or desktop to Place Limit on Order.

Compatible with themes
WooCommerce and WC Vendors Order Limit is compatible with every feature that defined by your WordPress themes.

Compatible with plugins
WooCommerce and WC Vendors Order Limit is compatible with every feature that defined by your WordPress plugins.

Basic to Advance
Designed to fit every purpose of usage, from basic to advance.

Video Tutorials
YouTube playlist that covers all Woo Commerce and WC Vendors Order Limit options and features for comfy usage.
You can check our tutorials on YouTube using this link WooCommerce and WC Vendors Order Limit Tutorials

User guides
Well documented user guide that covers all options and features for comfy usage.