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Free download - Timon - Step Form Wizard - Nulled version

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With Timon – Step Form Wizard you will have power combo of 21 different styles, 8 different transition effects, validation in your step form, titles and subtitles with multiple step. , also Timon – Step Form Wizard has predefined set of form sizes from tiny to large. You can easily create and customize any form to fit your needs.

**You can use whatever css framework you want, but Bootstrap framework used in demo version .

BONUS INCLUDED: Grumpy – Multi Step Indicator 60 Style

Features :

  • Step navigation
  • Fully responsive
  • Many options for design and function
  • Can be used for tabs
  • Step navigation
  • 21 Style
  • 8 transition effect
  • Pure CSS3
  • Works with all CSS3 Browsers
  • Easy to implement, customize and style

Using :

Version 1.5


1. Update plugin .
  • disableSteps If you want disable steps, you can use this option.
    There are 4 option:
    • all – disable all steps except current step
    • after_current – disable after steps except current step
    • before_current – disable before steps except current step
    • none – default value,enable all steps

    var tsf = $(’.tsf-wizard’).tsfWizard({ disableSteps:’all’ });



    See Example
  • Change jQuery version (from 1.11.0 to 3.1.0).Compatible with jQuery 3.1.0

Version 1.4


1. Update plugin .
  • manySteps If you have many steps , you can use this option.

    $(’.tsf-wizard’).tsfWizard({ manySteps:true });

Version 1.3


1. Added new events .
  • getCurrentIndex Get current index

    var tsf=$(’.tsf-wizard’).tsfWizard();

  • goto(index) Go to any index

    var tsf=$(’.tsf-wizard’).tsfWizard();

  • nextStep() - Go next step

    var tsf=$(’.tsf-wizard’).tsfWizard();

  • previousStep() Go previous step

    var tsf=$(’.tsf-wizard’).tsfWizard();

  • validate() If you used validation in form, you can use validate anytime.

    var tsf=$(’.tsf-wizard’).tsfWizard({ validation:true });

  • nextButtonLabel(text) Change next button text

    var tsf=$(’.tsf-wizard’).tsfWizard();
    tsf.nextButtonLabel(‘my next button’);

  • prevButtonLabel(text) Change previous button text

    var tsf=$(’.tsf-wizard’).tsfWizard();
    tsf.prevButtonLabel(‘my previous button’);

  • finishButtonLabel(text) Change finish button text

    var tsf=$(’.tsf-wizard’).tsfWizard();
    tsf.finishButtonLabel(‘my finish button’);

Version 1.2

1. Update Plugin . click events .
  • onNextClick: function (e, fromIndex, toIndex, validation) { }
    • fromIndex – Previous step index
    • toIndex – Next step index
    • validation (true or false) – If you use validation you can get validation value

  • onPrevClick: function (e, fromIndex , toIndex) { }
    • fromIndex – Previous step index
    • toIndex – Next step index

  • onFinishClick: function (e, validation) { }
    • validation (true or false) – If you use validation you can get validation value

Version 1.1

1.Fixed some bugs in validation