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Free download - SmartAjax - Smart, Powerful and Easy to setup AJAX - Nulled version

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Added support for jQuery 1.9, 1.10 and 2

Attention: You need to have some javascript knowledge to implement this. It’s not completely plug-and-play! Also I can no longer provide email support for this item.


SmartAjax is a new, highly flexible and scalable script for jQuery which is all you need to ajaxify your website.
Or in other words you can use the most recent web technologies to deliver outstanding user experience.
You can also submit forms with AJAX.

SmartAjax uses some HTML5 apis to support AJAX history without the need to use the hash-fragment (#). Older browsers which don’t yet support HTML5 will still continue to work with the hash (#url). Also if the user hasn’t enabled JavaScript it degrades gracefully and your website loads normally without AJAX.

SmartAjax is highly configurable with global and instance options which gives you enough flexibility to use it wherever AJAX is needed or preferred.


  • Outstanding user experience: you can have any animation or preloader between page loads!
  • Every form can become ajax form. No more code rewriting just for one contact form!
  • Faster browsing: browsers dont need to load the entire page and all the common pictures.
  • Search engine friendly! Absolutely no SEO impact!
  • Never refresh the whole page again
  • An option to cache the pages


  • Really easy to implement even for large websites.
  • Ajaxify your entire website without changing a line of code
  • Very flexible: you can ajaxify only a set of links or forms.
  • HTML5 technology with support for HTML4
  • Handle any form with AJAX in seconds
  • Browser history and Refresh button support
  • Super scalable for large sites
  • SEO friendly: your site can still be indexed by crawlers.
  • Highly configurable
  • Plays well with other plugins

NOTE: This script includes the History.js library which is open source and is included in the package.