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Smart Timer And Counter is a jQuery plugin that can be used to add timers and clocks to the web page. Plugin is highly configurable and expandable through custom skins (visual component), modes (clock/timer logic) and languages (translate labels).

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All styling is done using CSS (and Canvas for Circular skin), and all included styles are pure CSS with no images used. Controls are responsive, uses media queries to change counter sizes, and it can break into multiple lines on smaller screens.

Plugin is tested with current Android (with 2.3.5, 4.1.4 and 4.4.4) browsers, iPhone and iPad Safari and Chrome (with iOS 8.1), all modern desktop browsers (IE8 and IE9 will not show some of the styling). It requires JavaScript and jQuery support to work.

Clock and Counter Modes, Custom Layouts

Plugin can work as clock or as counter. If used as clock, you can show current date/time, or you can start from any date. Counter can countdown to any date, countdown any number of seconds or countup to any seconds limit. Plugin can display different combination of time and date elements, dividers and labels.
List of Modes Controls
  • Layout: combine order for ‘years, ‘months’, ‘days’, ‘hours’, ‘minutes’, ‘seconds’.
  • Dividers: several dividers available to split date / time elements.
  • Number of Digits: customize number of digits for each date / time element.
List of Counter Methods
  • Date: it must be in the future set using JavaScript Data object. Plugin will count to zero to reach set date.
  • Elapsed: it must be in the past set using JavaScript Data object. Plugin counts how much time has elapsed since past date.
  • Seconds: count to zero from specified number of seconds.
  • Target: count from zero to specified number of seconds.

Numbers based count up and down module

Plugin can also use number based format to count up or down with great flexibility. It allows for custom number of digits, decimal places, decimal and thousand separators, custom step (even randomized from set range). You can specify one character before and after the counter (like currency sign).

All included skins (with the exception of Circular) work with the numbers module. Some skins can have a bit different settings.

7 Skins for display: Base, Simple, Animated, Circular, Custom, Plain and Inline

7 Skins for display: Base, Simple, Animated, Circular, Custom, Plain and Inline Plugin has 7 built in skins to display clocks/counters. Simple and Animated skins have 14 styles each (some the same). Animated skin uses animations (SlideIn, SlideOut, Fade, FadeIn, FadeOut) to change digits. Inline skin can be used on SPAN tags for adding counters inline with text with minimal styling changes.
List of Available Skins
  • Simple: simple way of displaying digits, comes with 14 predefined styles.
  • Animated: uses animation to change digits, comes with 14 predefined styles and 5 animations.
  • Inline: for elements inside the text, comes with 6 predefined styles.
  • Circular: uses Canvas to render circular dials, unlimited color customizations.
  • Custom: extended from Animated Skin, allows free control over colors and styling.
  • Plain: simpler skin with free control over colors and some control for stylings.
  • Base: bonus skin with no styling included, with same behavior as Simple skin.

Custom Skin allows free customization

Custom Skin allows free customization To use this skin, Animated skin also needs to be loaded. This skin has no predefined skins. But, you can set custom colors, background, shadows, effects from plugin settings. This allows you easy customization of colors and styles. Also, you can change colors independently for every counter element.

Plain Skin allows easy customization

Plain Skin allows easy customization This is very simple skin that allows customization of colors, font and other elements.

Circular Skin uses Canvas to show circular dials

Circualar Skin uses Canvas to show circular dials Based on third party jQuery Knob library, allows full customization of size and colors (even using transparency) for number dials.

Easy customization and integration with detailed documentation

Easy customization and integration with detailed documentation Plugin has wide range of settings for skins, modes, language. It is easy to customize and use with any jQuery based project. Documentation contains detailed explanation of all settings, list of values, list of styles and more. Plugin package has plenty of demos.

Many events and methods available for extra control

Many events and methods available for extra control Many events available to attach your own code to control things outside of the timers (progress bar, events on the page) with methods to get current state of the counts or clocks, stop or start timers and more. Example in the package shows how to control progress bar for countdown.

Other plugin features

  • Support for translation using language objects to change date/time element labels.
  • Attach your own code on callback events to handle start, stop, finish and other things.
  • Many settings to control counters display: dividers, spacing, labels location, responsiveness…
  • Includes methods to start, stop, reset or modify counter object for each applied element.
  • Includes 4 PDF files documentation with information on skins, modes, settings and styles.

Available Addons

Flip Skin Addon

  • Content: Skin with realistic CSS powered digit flip effect.
  • Link: On CodeCanyon
  • Price: $5.00

LED Skins Addon

  • Content: 4 Skins based on LED Displays
  • Link: On CodeCanyon
  • Price: $5.00

Flat Skins Addon

  • Content: 8 Skins based on squres and circles
  • Link: On CodeCanyon
  • Price: $6.00


Version 3.2 / 2016.06.01.

  • Updated: Third party library updated jQuery Knob 1.2.12
  • Updated: Default jQuery loaded by demos is now 1.12.4
  • Updated: Works with jQuery 3, tested with jQuery 3.0.0 RC1
  • Updated: Works with jQuery 2, tested with jQuery 2.2.4

Version 3.1.1 / 2015.06.11.

  • Fixed: Numbers counter issue with out of place thousands separator

Version 3.1 / 2015.03.11.

  • Added: Timer Target mode can have start value other than 0
  • Added: Clock mode has option for adding GMT time offset
  • Updated: Removed some unuased code in main Timer object
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