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Nulled version download - "Real Time Patient Appointment Manager in AngularJS NodeJS Mysql Stack"

Free download Real Time Patient Appointment Manager in AngularJS NodeJS Mysql Stack !

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AppointerX- Real time patient appointment manager

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    • Technology Stack Used

    • MySql 5.7
    • Express 4.9
    • AngularJS 1.4.9
    • Node.JS 4.2.3
    • Socket.IO ^1.3.5
  • HighLights

    • Real Time appointments information with Socket.IO
    • 1) Patient gets registered as patient role from signup page with name,email,password and mobile number mandatory.
    • 2) Physician gets registered as physician role from signup page with NIP, City,State,Zip will need to add as practice details.
    • 3) NIP and all practice details will be mandatory for physician.
    • 4) Once he/she logged in as Patient then they will see home page with different icons, there will be make an appointment icon will be there will will redirect them to main calendar manager app.
    • 5) Patient can select physician from physician list, and calendar will get filter on the base of selection.
    • 6) Patient/Physician will have his/her profile page, from there they can change mobile number/email address/name/Address etc.
    • 7) Physician can set his holiday date for him and also he can set his time and date of unavailability.
    •   8) Physician can also set his practice duration like morning 10 AM to 7 PM, so patient can only select this time frame for appointment.
    • 9) Patient can cancel/delete his/her appointment also and they can provide reason to cancel/delete that appointment.
    • 10) Patient can not delete any other patients appointment from selected physicians calendar.
    • 11) Admin can change physicians details or make them Active/In-Active.
    • 12) Admin can see Physician listing page but no one else can see Physician listing page.
    • 13) Admin can also view Physician wise appointment in listing page as well as calendar view.
    • 14) Patient can view appointment of other patient but that will be read only, or He can not see in right side form.
    • 15) Forget password function will send mail to physician or patient and then from mail they will be directly get redirected to this app page or just give user info password.
    • 16) Admin will see all the physicians list and from there admin can filter by name , and select physician to view all his appointments.
    • 17) Patient should also have searchable physician by name instead of long physician list in dropdown.
  • All Features
      • Real time sync data from any client
      • Authentication with role
      • Realtime updates ? Any changes to database is updated in Realtime
      • Token expire time
      • Session management
      • Login
      • Change Password
      • Password encryption with SHA1
      • Automatic minification, compression, CDNify during deployment
      • Live reaload while development
      • User roles
      • Auto selection of resources for development and production
      • API with role based authentication
      • SEO optimized title for each page using keystone.utils for slugify
      • Responsive front end to fit any screen
      • Modular code structure for faster development
      • Each module is placed inside its own directory for easy management
      • Separate configuration envirnoment for development and production
      • Message for post confirmation/error
      • Sliding system, so that user will not have to leave the page for updation
  • Things to know

  • Dev database connection: server/config/environment/development.js
  • Production Database : Dev database connection: server/config/environment/production.js
  • Seed data on/off: server/config/environment/index.js seedDB: false,FORCE_DB_SYNC: “false”
  • Seed data entry: server/config/seed.js
  • Install

  • Run the following commands and the application will start automatically
    npm install yo -g (Install yeoman for scaffolding web application)
    npm install grunt-cli -g (This creates and runs javascript repetative tasks) 
    npm install bower -g ( A frontend package manager for web applications) 
    npm install (Install all nodejs dependencies, also automatically installs bower components)
  • Usage

    Open command prompt or git bash in Administrator mode

    Run command
    npm install
    bower install

    for further development in this project to add more modules install generator as below.

     npm install -g generator-angular-fullstack 
    User angular fullstack guidence for further developement in this Admin panel angular-fullstack

    check the mongodb url in server/config/environment/developement file and production file

  • Buid and Run

    grunt serve  [for running in dev environment with livereload]  
    grunt serve:dist  [Buid and run in production mode]  
    grunt build--force  [buid with Administrator rights]
    Note : If any of the test failed or any error in running application, please install npm and bower with latest verion and in Administrator mode in command prompt
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