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Free download - PHP AJAX Contact Form with Admin CSV Exporter & Filters - Nulled version

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Flexible and Maintainable Contact Form – With Feedback System and Reply Management

No other contact form offer this solution!

AJAX Contact form with light-weight contact request manager. Can be easily customized and installed. Its very easy to use. Contact request can be sent to multiple email addresses and stored in the database as well. All these options are configurable.

Your AJAX Contact Form is stuck in my mind Big Hug. – Karl

Powerful AJAX Contact form with Reply Management via Email

Use it as a simple contact form or utilize all the features

Admin Demo


Login Details

  • Username: admin
  • Password: admin


Contact Requests

  • Light weight
  • Multiple Recipients
  • Feedback Management
  • Search & Filters
  • Ability to send email using SMTP
  • One page Settings Manager
  • Easily export contact requests to CSV file
  • Form to emails and database
  • Anti spam protection! Are you human filter.
  • Are you Human question – Random Spam protection question on each request (e.g. 7 +2 = ? )!
  • AJAX JS Sliding Error Messages.
  • Integrated Animated Sliding Thank You / Success page.
  • Ease of integration – into any existing HTML or PHP page on your website.
  • Auto responder & Custom Template
  • Ability to Enable/Disable Auto Response (new)
  • Pagination Support
  • View/Delete contact request
  • Client-side validation (ASP.NET like)
  • Server-side validation
  • Highly readable PHP code – Abstraction considered
  • Validation rules (Phone, email etc)
  • Uses MYSQL to maintain contact requests in the database.
  • Comprehensive Search option in the admin
  • CSV exporter included! You can export contact request to CSV file
  • Search form open/close toggle effect
  • Custom Page Redirection
  • Customizable email subject
  • Customizable email message
  • Redirection within IFRAME
  • Hassle free installation—Uses standard PHP server features
  • Hassle free Configuration—Uses standard PHP server features
  • Self commenting code. Highly understandable!
  • Tons of customizable options
  • Supports Unicode comments
  • Easy Validations – Simply assign class name “req_class” to any field which you wish to validate

Contact Responses – Email Reply Management

You can now directly send reply to a request from the administration panel
  • One window solution – One page that handles all the contact responses features.
  • – Unlimited responses!
  • – Reply to a request using Admin Panel
  • – View Responses
  • – Pagination support
  • – AJAX based reply form.
  • Token based reply mechanism
  • – A dedicated link – System will send a dedicated link to contact form filler so that he/she can directly reply to the response.
  • Not a fan of AJAX? You can check out our PHP Contact Form
  • Filters
  • – Show all the contact requests having responses
  • – Show all the contact requests not having responses
  • – View all contact Requests
  • Delete a response
  • You can also send a reply to a response.
  • You can also send copy of reply to any email address you wish.
  • One file configuration which will enable you to:

    • Set Email addresses(CC/BCC) to which you wish to receive contact form data
    • Set auto response template (Subject, Message)
    • Setup thank you redirection
    • Ability to Enable/Disable Auto Response (new)

    5 Star Quality – Reviews

    Addons – Included (FREE)

    With AJAX contact form, following additional class libraries are also included – YOU can reuse them in your upcoming projects. Benefit for you as some of these classes are available as a separate purchase.

    • Form Validator Class
    • Ajax JSON Response Class
    • PHP Mail Class
    • Array Helper Class
    • Pagination Class
    • CSV Generator Class
    • Form Handler Classes

    Client Comments

    Thanks! Great contact form!

    I don’t have a background in programming or computer science and found this contact form to be VERY EASY to configure. Your instructions were easy to follow and I’m already up and running.

    v2.1 – What’s new

    • IFRAME redirection handled
    • Custom page/Thankyou page – Redirection support added

    v2.2 – What’s new

    • Pagination support added.
    • Contact request can be deleted
    • Modal Window(greybox) to view contact request details including IP address.
    • Email contact request to multiple email addresses. Mimics CC/BCC functionality.
    • Table rows hover effect added
    • Large comments are now truncated to neatly display tabular grid
    • Search form open/close toggle functionality added
    • Ease of validation – Validations made easy :)

    v2.3 – What’s new

    You can now directly send reply to a request from the administration panel
    • Alternate row colors added
    • Ordering added – You can now order by various fields (Name, Email, Date etc)
    • One window solution – One page that handles all the contact responses features.
    • Unlimited responses!
    • AJAX based reply form
    • New Filters
    • – Show all the contact requests having responses
    • – Show all the contact requests not having responses
    • – View all contact Requests
    • Ability to send reply to contact request
    • Ability to manage replies
    • User will be able to reply to a response using dedicated page (A unique URL to reply to admin’s response)
    • Send copy of reply to any of your email address
    • Coloring to highlight contact requests having responses
    • Delete a response
    • You can also send a reply to a response

    v2.4 – What’s new

    Fixed couple of highlighted issues – Thanks everyone!
    • Packaged class libraries (Bonus)

    v2.5 -What’s new

    Added new features and Optimized Database to gain Performance – Thanks everyone for suggestions!
    • Ability to Enable/Disable Auto Response (new)
    • Database Optimized for performance gain!

    What’s New – v3.0

    CSV Exporter
    • Export All records to CSV
    • Export All Visible Records
    • Export Selected Records


    • Settings – One window setting editor (online)
    • Manage settings using Administration Panel
    • No Config File hassle – Hassle free configurations
    • Easily ‘Auto Response Template’ using Administration Panel

    New Filter

    • Per Page Filter added – Flexibility to view 50, 100, 200 etc records per page.

    v3.1 – What’s new

    • Ability to send email using SMTP