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Nulled version download - "MySQL Datagenerator & import/export"

Free download MySQL Datagenerator & import/export !

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Generate country-specific, real-life testdata and import directly to DB or export to SQL, CSV, PHParray or JSON

Unique features of MySQL Datagenerator (besides many other features):

1. Preview of examplevalues that will be generated.
2. Your local databases are automatically scanned.
3. Import directly into the database (rollback last import possible) or generate sql, PHP array, JSON or CSV. I intentionally set the limit to 300, when you want more rows, just click the export button several times.. (if you wish you can change the limit in the code to a higher amount)
4. You can save a current import and reuse and change it later.
5. It handles primary keys, autoincrement, unique keys and foreign keys, also multicolumns.
6. Countryspecific data for real localized values, such as firstnames (female and male), lastnames, streets, cities, countries, days, months (USA, Great Britain, Netherlands, Germany and France).
7. Many real-life predefined options such as surnames, firstnames, streets, postalcodes, emailaddresses, states, provences, Bundesländer, countries, telephonenumbers, url’s, md5, screenresolutions, colorcodes, mimetypes, fileextensions, filenames, IP addresses, INET_ATON, months, dates, years, timestamps, times, GPS coordinates, Lorem Pixel etc….
8. For maximum flexibility you can add own options, set ranges and set advanced configoptions.
9. Extra features: Easily create a backup(file) of a database or several tables, including the data.

- Application in English, Dutch or German
- No installation required
- Tested with PHP 5.2.6 on Windows Vista (XAMPP 1.6.7), PHP 5.3.2 on Windows 7, PHP 5.4.16 on Windows XP (XAMPP 1.8.2) and PHP 5.4.16 on Ubuntu 9.0.4 (XAMPP 1.8.2) and on a Mac (MAMP)
- Tested with Firefox 22.0, Chrome 28, Safari 5.1.7 and Opera 15.0
- Tested with personal databases and the MySQL example databases `sakila-schema` and `world_innodb`.


You need to have a local Apache webserver with PHP, phpMyAdmin and MySQL installed. The easiest way to do this is to install XAMPP (free software). (http://www.apachefriends.org/en/xampp.html)

Support and updates are free!

Testing your application or website gets exciting with this datagenerator !

demo here: http://screencast.com/t/8FFmAh6M0Wh

Working on

- time in range.
- export to HTML table.
- solutions for specific problems with tables which have columns which are multicolumn primary keys and at the same time multicolumn foreign keys. I know, it’s not very common, but i came across it and i want to make that possible too.
- At the beginning i used 500 values of the linked foreign table, but sometimes that is not enough. So now you can set it to 1000 in config.php. I want to add a third option: runtime_dbcheck. Runtime_dbcheck will do a search in the database instead of the SESSION with 500 values (or 1000)


update 1 (Aug. 2013):
fixed a few bugs with float, unique keys and special characters
added 2 new output types: php array and JSON
textual output now appear in dialog instead of in new browsertab

update 2 (Oct. 2013):
added France for countryspecific data
added lorem pixel, GPS as new custom options
added 1 new output type: CSV
added basic checks if ranges are correct (matching the chosen custom option) while typing

update 3 (Oct. 2013):
fixed an error with unique keys and multicolumn primary keys
improved the success rate of dbimport to almost 100%
fixed a bug with lorem pixel
you can set the pre-selected items of the datatypes-combo now in config.php

update 4 (Oct. 2013):
multi-column foreign keys are now processed and handled as multi-columns
expanded ranges and rangechecks

update 5 (Nov. 2013):
improved output to PHP array, JSON and CSV
added possibility to rollback (undo) the last db import
added possibility to change tables selection when opening a saved file
added possibility to set a preferred enumvalue
added new constants in config.php

update 6 (Nov 2013):
Added possibility to link a column to another (of the same table or another table). The targetcolumn will get the same value as the sourcecolumn.

update 7 (Dec 2013):
Now colorcodes are randomly processed instead of using a predefined array with colorcodes
Now a foreign-key field is not visible in the ‘same_as’ combo when you want to select a value for the field that is actually the referenced field of that foreign-key.

update 8 (Jan 2014):
The zipfile contains the ‘templates_c’ folder again, it was accidentally left out in the last update.

update 9 (June 2014):
Fixed some PHP notices.

Update 10 (July 2014):
Fixed error when opening a saved configfile before opening a database, due to the fact that the database credentials weren?t available yet. Now they are encrypted in the saved file.
Added possibility to create a backup(file) of a database or several tables, including the data.
Added possibility to easily copy the content of the exportdialog.

Update 11 (Nov 2014):
Fixed preg_replace deprecated
Updated mysql to mysqli for PHP 5.5 +

Update 12 (6-9-2015):
Bigint is now also supported when the column is part of a multicolumn primary key or foreign key.
Bigint is now part of the default visible datatypes.

Update 13 (4-10-2015):
Added support for specific continent latitude and longitude.
Fixed: in some cases there were no example values given for names, countries .. (texts that are extracted from files in misc folder)

Update 14 (9-1-2016):
Fixed an ‘undefined offset’ error that occurred while retrieving a Dutch city name from the country-specific file.

Update 15 (10-9-2016):
In php 7 it is not allowed to have a constructor with same name as the class.
In php 7 there was a fatal error: Cannot use ‘String’ as class name as it is reserved.

Update 16 (5-10-2016):
Fixed issue when PACK_KEYS was in the table schema