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Modern News Ticker is a powerful, flexible, fast, easy to use and customize news ticker. It offers a varied number of features while still being lightweight and very easy to work with:
  • It comes with 15 different themes to choose from.
  • It has 4 different effects: scroll, fade, type and slide.
  • It has 4 different layouts that include news items, front label and control buttons.
  • The corners can be set to either round or square.
  • It can load RSS, JSON and Twitter feeds.
  • The feeds can be set to automatically refresh.
  • It has 21 settings that control the effects, the feeds and other behaviors.
  • It has 3 methods that control the autoplay and the feed refresh.
  • It is responsive.
  • It comes with a detailed guide.


  • This is not a Wordpress plugin, it is a standalone HTML, CSS and JavaScript project. A few people have made the confusion that this is a Wordpress plugin and that is why I am posting this clarification note. On CodeCanyon, Wordpress plugins are only in the “Wordpress” section. This ticker is in the “JavaScript” section and it is a standalone project.
  • Loading data from Twitter uses PHP because of the authentication requirement when working with the Twitter API.


2.0 (23 April 2017):
  • Updated the project folder structure.
  • Updated the example files.
  • Updated the guide.
  • Updated the “Read Me” file.
  • Added version numbering.
  • Added an “Updates” section to the “Read Me” file.
  • Made updates to the CSS files.
  • Made updates to the JS plugin file.
  • Added error messages to feeds.
  • Updated jQuery to the latest version.
  • Added option to the example files to load jQuery from a CDN.
  • Added support for having only arrows buttons or only the play/pause button.
  • Changed the file structure of the themes to reuse common image files and have less files overall.
  • Updated the Twitter authentication instructions of the guide to match with changes to the Twitter site.
  • Fixed a bug that was causing the JSON files not to bypass cache when the option was turned on.
  • Added a new option to process the loading of RSS and JSON files, called “self”, that uses PHP files to load the feeds through.
  • Added 2 new files: “load-rss.php” and “load-json.php”.
  • Changed the name of the “twitter.php” file to “load-twitter.php”.
  • Added 2 new settings: “rssLoadFile” and “jsonLoadFile”.
  • Changed the name of the “twitterLoadingFile” setting to “twitterLoadFile”. Added backward compatibility support for the former name.
  • Changed the name of the “processService” setting to “loadProcess”. Added backward compatibility support for the former name.
  • Changed the default width to “100%” in the CSS code.
  • Added default “min-width” and “max-width” values to the CSS code.
  • Added a default margin to the CSS code.
  • Added a new class to the CSS file, called “mt-font”, to use the ticker font, as opposed to the default page font.
1.10 (2 March 2017):
  • Added support for loading data using a JSON feed.
1.9 (15 January 2017):
  • Important! The Google Feed API that the ticker was using has been closed recently. I have removed it and have added 2 other RSS processing services, one as default and the other as an alternative. Anyone who is using RSS loading (width loadType: “process”) should update to the new version of the JS file. All that you need to do is to replace the old “jquery.modern-ticker.min.js” file from the “modern-ticker/js” folder with the new one.
1.8 (5 August 2016):
  • Improved the typing effect functionality. HTML tags inside the typed text are now supported so that the typed text can have different styles.
  • Fixed an error that was causing the typing effect not to display properly when switching back and forth fast between news items.
1.7 (29 September 2015):
  • Improved the way RSS loading works.
  • Fixed an issue that was causing some RSS urls not to work properly.
  • Added a new setting called “forceNoCache” to bypass loading cached RSS files, if needed.
  • Added console error messages for the “process” load type.
1.6.1 (18 December 2014):
  • Fixed an issue that was causing the links not to display properly when loading an RSS file directly.
1.6 (6 September 2014):
  • Added a new setting to specify if the autoplay pauses when hovering over the news.
  • Added a new setting to specify if the news items have the links enabled.
  • Fixed an issue that was causing the preloader not to be properly visible when loading data.
1.5.1 (2 September 2014):
  • Fixed an error where empty news items were displayed if the “feedCount” was higher than the available number of news items.
  • Improved the way that the “feedCount” setting works in order to be able to load the total available items or a variable number of items up to a specified limit.
1.5 (10 May 2014):
  • Improved the way that the layout works.
    • Improved the layout behaviour when the ticker is responsive.
    • Fixed an issue in page layouts with subpixel precision.
    • Fixed an issue with the news items stacking on top of each other.
  • Added a new setting to specify the target page of links for loaded content.
  • Added a new setting to specify the path to the Twitter loading file.
  • Updated the files and instructions with the new Twitter API key names.
  • Updated the initialization code.
  • Updated the guide.
  • Updated jQuery to the newest version.
1.4 (13 February 2014):
  • Improved the RSS file loading options. Now there are 2 loading options available.
  • Added an example RSS file.
  • Updated the instructions.
  • Updated the guide.
  • Fixed a couple of bugs.
1.3 (10 February 2014):
  • Added a new setting to specify the type of scrolling, either continuous, with no interruption, or discontinuous, leaving empty space once the list finishes scrolling and before starting again.
  • Added a new setting to specify the start position of the scrolling, either from inside or from outside.
1.2.3 (22 August 2013):
  • Fixed a bug that was causing the news not to display properly when the width was set as responsive and the window was resized.
1.2.2 (15 August 2013):
  • Updated the code of the effects so that the first list items animate as well.
  • Fixed a bug that was causing a delay in the refresh of the loaded RSS feed.
1.2.1 (26 June 2013):
  • Made an update to the Twitter feed functionality to work with the 1.1 update of the Twitter API.
1.2 (13 February 2013):
  • Added a setting to control the automatic refresh of dynamically loaded data at an interval of time.
  • Added a method to be able to call the refresh through code, if needed.
1.1 (9 February 2013):
  • Updated the guide.
  • Updated the code.
  • Updated instructions.
  • Updated file structure.
1.0 (9 February 2013):
  • Launched.