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Free download - LivIcons Evolution for jQuery - The Next Generation of the Truly Animated Vector Icons - Nulled version

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LivIcons Evolution as a jQuery plugin

The New, Completely Redeveloped, Exclusive Animated Vector Icons

LivIcons Evolution is the next modern generation of a classic LivIcons pack of a cross browser vector icons with individual animation for the each one. They are based on SVG (Scalable Vector Graphic), powered by JavaScript, work in all modern browsers and look perfect at any devices. Yes, Retina too.

The main purpose of this script is to bring more individuality and interactivity to customers’ sites and make them stand out from a competition.

Please get familiar with full features’ list, examples, documentation and the Configuration tool on the Demo site and put the LivIcons Evo to work for you.

The WordPress plugin of LivIcons Evolution is available here

Main features:

  • More than 360 icons and growing
  • Each icon comes with five (5) design styles
  • Very flexible settings
  • Responsive, size can be controlled by CSS media queries
  • Hover, click events and autoPlay option
  • Online Configuration Tool for easy using
  • Powerful JavaScript API
  • Based on jQuery and GSAP (GreenSock Animation Platform)
  • Completely redeveloped from scratch
  • Any color, any size
  • Animated and static
  • Retina perfect
  • All modern browsers
  • And more…

Exclusive Features:

  • Double animation. An icon can be “drawn” when it appears first time and, of course, it has its own individual animation.
  • Oh, no! Triple animation! An icon can also be “erased” :)


This product uses an AJAX technology as a part of its functionality. Thus, no icons will appear on your page if that page is opened directly from your HDD in a browser with a protocol “file:///...” (like “file:///C:/path/to/some_page.html”).
Use this script on a working local (such as XAMPP, LAMP, etc.) or a global web-server, as you usually work with, for example, PHP files.

ThemeForest Authors:

Increase your theme and template possibilities and promote your sales with one (1) extended license for every theme (template).

Please credit LivIcons Evolution jQuery plugin on your item’s page on ThemeForest.

Good luck with sales!


  • jQuery
  • Reading the documentation


You need to purchase a regular or an extended license of LivIcons Evo jQuery plugin for every web project.

Thanks to:

  • jQuery team for outstanding work that makes our job easier.
  • GreenSock Animation Platform aka GSAP
  • Dmitry Baranovskiy, the author of Snap.svg library
  • Ryan Van Etten the author of Verge script

Change log:

Version 2.2.361 (July 15, 2016)

-- Added 8 new "loader" icons (loader-8.svg ... loader-15.svg). 
-- Made a universal main JS file for both versions (jQuery and WordPress) of the product. 
-- For this update, replace all JavaScript, SVG and CSS files with new ones from the "LivIconsEvo-2.2.361 > for_upload > LivIconsEvo" folder.

Version 2.1.353 (June 16, 2016)

-- Updated GreenSock Animation Platform files with the latest versions.
-- Improved the tryToSharpen option's calculation.
-- Improved the CSS styles. From now any div.livicon-evo stays as a "block" element, but any span.livicon-evo becomes a "inline-block" element and can be easy alignment inside paragraph tag "<p>...</p>" as a usual text, for example.
-- Added 8 new icons: apple.svg, camcoder.svg, clapboard.svg, grid.svg, label-hot.svg, label-new.svg, screenshot.svg, wifi.svg
-- For this update, completely replace all JavaScript, SVG and CSS files with new ones from the "LivIconsEvo-2.1.353 > for_upload > LivIconsEvo" folder.

Version 2.0.345 (June 01, 2016)

-- Added 10 new icons: file-export.svg, file-import.svg, morph-chevron-close.svg, morph-menu-arrow-bottom.svg, morph-menu-arrow-left.svg, morph-menu-arrow-right.svg, morph-menu-arrow-top.svg, morph-search-close.svg, morph-star.svg, servers.svg 
-- For this update just replace icons files with new ones from the "LivIconsEvo-2.0.345 > for_upload > LivIconsEvo > svg" folder.

Version 2.0.335 (May 24, 2016)

-- Added 12 new icons: anchor.svg, british-pound.svg, euro.svg, hourglass.svg, morph-bookmark.svg, paper-plane.svg, satellite.svg, sky-dish.svg, two-pointers.svg, us-dollar.svg, wind.svg, wine-glass.svg
-- For this update just replace icons files with new ones from the "LivIconsEvo-2.0.335 > for_upload > LivIconsEvo > svg" folder.

Version 2.0.323 (May 17, 2016)

-- Added 8 new icons: building.svg, handcuffs.svg, idea.svg, more.svg, morph-menu-close-alt.svg, morph-thumbnails-close.svg, scroll.svg, scroll-alt.svg 
-- Fixed 1 icon: morph-checkbox-2.svg 
-- For this update just replace icons files with new ones from the "LivIconsEvo-2.0.323 > for_upload > LivIconsEvo > svg" folder.

Version 2.0.315 (May 11, 2016)

-- Initial Realize