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GlassCase is a responsive jQuery plugin that helps you to add Image Zoom feature to your product view and gives to your customers an amazing viewing experience.

GlassCase is well designed, built from scratch and gives you some unique features.
You can easily integrate it in your project and deliver faster to your customers.

Key Features:

Responsive and Touch Enabled
  • Works on any screen size.
  • Ready to be used on touch enabled devices.
Just 1 Set of Images with Different Sizes
  • No restriction on the Image’s sizes.
  • No need of any adjustments.
Smart Image Zoom
  • Positioning: Left, Right or Inner.
  • Width and Height – Customizable.
  • Alignment: Display Image | Display Area.
  • Built-in. No need of thumbnail images.
  • Automatic Sizing + Positioning.
  • Position: Top/Bottom or Left/Right.
Fullscreen Overlay
  • Built-in. No need of 3-party lightbox component.
  • 1-Click to see the Images in Fullscreen Overlay.
  • 2 Display modes: Fit to screen | Fullscreen.
Transition Effects for Zoom and/or Lens
  • Slow down movements for Zoom and Lens.
  • Define your movement speed.
Installation and Customization
  • 3 easy steps to Install.
  • 38 Options to customize it as you need.
  • Multiple Instances per page.
  • Compatible: IE9-IE11, Chrome, Firefox, Safari and Opera.
  • Integration with: Bootstrap, eBay stores, WordPress themes.
  • Keyboard navigation.
  • Left/Right navigation controls.
  • Download image control.
Documentation and Support
  • Detailed Documentation.
  • 14 Examples for an easy Quick Start.
  • FREE + Rapid Technical Support.
  • Regular Updates + Continuous Improvements.
  • This is not a WordPress Plugin. GlassCase is a jQuery based plugin.

Take a minute to see it by yourself ;-)

Have a pre-purchase question to be sure that it’s suitable for you?
Then please send us a quick message via our profile contact form.

What buyers are saying:

“I highly recommend this product to others who may be interested in purchasing GlassCase! tinyComp has been quick to respond to support request and listened to thoughts on ways to improve GlassCase.

Five Stars well deserved!”

“Hi I rarely writes comments, but this deserves one. Thanks for this one. This is a great plugin, it does what it should, and it took not more than a half an hour to set up.”

“Hi, Lovely plugin and really easy to implement.”

”... I just had to say how brilliant this is. It is working so perfectly and it solves so many image issues I was having. I simply love this. It is now fully integrated into my website.

To anyone thinking about getting this, it is quite simply brilliant!!!!!!”

“Im very glad to fing classcase for my project. It’s very usefull.”

You can find more reviews from real buyers on comments page.

Change Log:

2.1 – 11 February 2015
  • The posibility to add captions. Captions can be added in the Zoom Area;
  • isZCapEnabled – enables / disables the Zoom Captions;
  • capZType – the type of Zoom Caption: in – placed inside the Zoom Area; out – Captions are placed outside the Zoom Area;
  • capZPos – the position of the Caption in relation to the Zoom Area;
  • capZAlign – the alignment of the text placed in Caption for Zoom;
  • mouseEnterDisplayCB – callback for the mouseEnter event of the display image;
  • mouseLeaveDisplayCB – callback for the mouseLeave event of the display image;
  • When processing the images, the ones that have the same href will be removed.
  • The image’s ALT is saved and passed;
2.0 – 30 October 2014
  • The component was made touch friendly;
  • Were added the options to set the thumbs on left or right side of the Display Image;
  • The icons were changed to another set;
  • Was changed the loading wheel(it uses CSS3)
  • New option: isHoverShowThumbs – on hovering a thumb it will change the Display Image;
  • Was added a new Zoom position: Inner – The Zoom will be shown inside the Display;
  • New option: autoInnerZoom If the Display and Zoom do not fit on the page, Zoom will be shown in inner position;
  • Was handled the case when an image is not loaded: in this case it will appear a holder.
1.4 – 16 September 2014
  • New:The zoom’s width and height can be customized. It can be aligned to the image container or the image area;
    • New option: isZoomDiffWH – Determines if the zoom’s width and height have different values;
    • New option: zoomWidth – The width of the zoom. The value is in px;
    • New option: zoomHeight – The height of the zoom. The value is in px;
    • New option: zoomAlignment – Possible values: ‘displayImage’, ‘displayArea’.
  • New option: zoomMargin – The distance between the zoom and display area;
  • New option: thumbsMargin – The distance between the thumbs and display area;
  • Fix: the opacity of the image in the overlay, in ie8;
  • Fix: the issue related to: clicking on a selected thumb, it disables the selection of another image;
1.3 – 5 September 2014
  • New option: isOverlayFullImage – If true the image in overlay will be shown in full size and only. If false the image will fit the display. On double clicking, the image size will be toggled. If the image is in fit => after double click it will be shown in full size. If the image is in full size => after double click it will fit the display;
  • New: In overlay, clicking outside the image will close it;
  • New option: isSlowZoom – Enables the effect of “slowing” the movement of zoom;
  • New option: speedSlowZoom – Determines how long the animation will run. The speed is given in milliseconds;
  • New option: isSlowLens – Enables the effect of “slowing” the movement of lens;
  • New option: speedSlowLens – Determines how long the animation will run. The speed is given in milliseconds;
  • New option: speed – Determines how long the animation will run. The speed is given in milliseconds. This value is used in the animation of lens; zoom; overlay; slide;
  • New: Added to the selector ”.gc-zoom-container img”: “max-width: none !important;”.
1.2.1 – 24 August 2014
  • Fix: If firstThumbSelected will be greater than the total number of thumbs then to firstThumbSelected will be assigned it’s default value.
1.2 – 31 July 2014
  • New: the GlassCase component was made responsive;
  • Fix: corrected the height of the component when it has no thumbs and only the display is used.
1.1.1 – 12 July 2014
  • Fix: bug related to the case when the number of images is one more than the number of thumbs per row.
1.1 – 09 July 2014
  • Fix Changed the script so it could properly work in IE8;
  • New option: isZoomEnabled – Enables or disables the zoom;
  • New option: isOverlayEnabled – Enables or disables the overlay.