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Free download Flatimation SVG - An Animated SVG Icon Set !

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It’s time that you add a little fun back to your website! What if I told you that you could add eye-catching animated icons that work across all major browsers and mobile devices, all while having the maximum flexibility of smaller file sizes, unlimited scalability, and extreme customization in only three words? Meet Flatimation SVG!

What is Flatimation SVG?

Flatimation SVG is a set of 81 Animated SVG icons with 7 animation effects, 3 background variations, and 6 precoded size options. All of these 126 options per icon can be changed in just three words – and that’s not counting the unlimited color and hover possibilities found in the detailed CSS stylesheet. That’s 10,206 options in one purchase!

7 Animation Effects

Flatimation SVG by Garett® - 7 Animation EffectsFlatimation SVG by Garett® - Spin DemoFlatimation SVG by Garett® - Jump DemoFlatimation SVG by Garett® - Rock DemoFlatimation SVG by Garett® - Pulse DemoFlatimation SVG by Garett® - Shake DemoFlatimation SVG by Garett® - Bounce DemoFlatimation SVG by Garett® - Zoom Demo .GIF above is heavily optimized. Animations run even smoother on Live Preview.

3 Background Variations

Flatimation SVG by Garett® - 3 Background VariationsFlatimation SVG by Garett® - 3 Background Variations Demo

6 Precoded Sizes

Flatimation SVG by Garett® - 6 Precoded SizesFlatimation SVG by Garett® - 6 Precoded Sizes Demo

Goodbye Pixels, Hello Scalability

SVGs are vector graphics, meaning that they can scale from 16px to 1000px while remaining beautifully sharp. This also means there’s no need to duplicate icons for Retina-Ready/High Resolution devices. Say?nara pixelation!

Flatimation SVG by Garett® - All IconsFlatimation SVG by Garett® - SVG vs PNG Demo

3 Word Combinations

I kid you not, the hardest part of Flatimation SVG is choosing which 3 word combination you want in your SVG snippet. 126 options and you have to narrow it down to 1 animation effect, 1 background variation, and 1 size option – good luck! My favorite combination is “spinsvg circlebg middleicon”!

Flatimation SVG by Garett® - 3 Word CombinationsFlatimation SVG by Garett® - 3 Word Combination Examples - Jump/SquareBG/Small, Spin/CircleBG/Middle, Rock/RoundedBG/Large .GIF above is heavily optimized. Animations run even smoother on Live Preview.

Plays Well With Others

Flatimation SVG by Garett® - SVG vs PNG Demo

Thanks to Velosity.js and jQuery, Flatimation SVG works effortlessly across all major browsers and mobile devices without the need of Flash or any other plugin. Did I mention Flatimation SVG even plays with that bully IE 9+?

Extremely Detailed Documentation

Whether you’re a veteran web developer or my 50-year-old mother, I’ve explained in great detail how to get Flatimation SVG working and implemented on your website within minutes. Yes, I literally tested my not so tech savvy mother – her record is 7 minutes.

Keeping It Simple, Silly

Thanks to its minimalistic flatness and customization, Flatimation SVG fits in with all themes, websites, and brands. It doesn’t matter if the website is for a fortune 500, a punk rock group, or a cat blog – Flatimation SVG fits in!

Meet The Flatimation SVG Family

Flatimation SVG is made up of 63 social media and 18 general use icons. Here is what they look like in their 3 background variations:

Flatimation SVG by Garett® - All IconsFlatimation SVG by Garett® - 81 Icons in 3 Background Variations

Flatimation SVG Features

  • 81 Beautiful SVG Icons
  • 100% Scalable & Compatible
  • 10,206 Easy Customizable Options
  • Detailed Documentation
  • Designed to Match ALL Websites
  • Retina Ready & High Resolution
  • Direct Support From Author