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Nulled version download - "Audio Player with Playlist V2"

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This is the most popular HTML5 Audio Player with Playlist, and comes with large amount of skins and presets ready for use!

This versatile audio player offers HUGE amount of customization options and layout possibilities.

By using the basic css skills, player can be restyled into pretty much anything! Just check demo examples to get you imagination going.

Comes with Admin playlist manager for backend song management. admin


All DEMO examples included in the download package for easy setup.

Features and options:

  • Responsive layouts
  • Font Awesome Library icons
  • Only mp3 audio format required for all browsers and devices
  • Support for media from Google Drive, Amazon S3.. (any public link that plays in browser)
  • Support for Shoutcast servers that have mp3 streaming
  • Playlist options available:
    • HTML markup
    • XML playlist (xml examples included)
    • Database playlist (sql examples included)
    • Auto create playlist from folder of mp3 files (and get id3 tags)
    • Podcasts
    • SoundCloud (track set, user tracks, single track, user favorites, user groups)
    • Inline text/image links
  • Mix different media types in the same playlist
  • Play music continously across web pages (with option to open popup player is a separate window)
  • Admin playlist manager for backend song management
  • Automatically hide currently playing audio source to prevent audio download
  • Include multiple instances in the same page
  • Optional playlist
  • Optional sortable playlist items
  • Optional song url link in playlist
  • Filter tracks in playlist by title
  • Optional playlist scroll (scroll orientation vertical / horizontal)
  • Optional vertical volume
  • Optional circular seekbar (progress bar)
  • Optional tooltips
  • Optional song download
  • Optional title auto scroll horizontally
  • Optional random playback
  • Optional song playback speed
  • Optional song start / end time
  • Media end action (go to next song / loop current song)
  • Optional keyboard audio navigation (pause/play, mute/unmute, next, previous)
  • Automatically created thumbnails for podcast, soundcloud
  • Optional social share (facebook, twitter, tumblr, google plus + other social networks can be added)
  • API methods available
    • Play media
    • Pause media
    • Toggle playback
    • Next media
    • Previous media
    • Load media
    • Load playlist
    • Add track(s) to playlist
    • Remove track(s) from playlist
    • Sort playlist items by title / random (ascending / descending)
    • Destroy media
    • Destroy playlist
    • Set playback rate
    • Toggle random
    • Toggle playlist loop
    • Get / set volume
    • Toggle mute
    • Seek
    • Get current time
    • Get duration
    • Get load progress
    • Download media
    • Set autoplay
    • Set title
    • Get playlist transition on
    • Get playlist loaded
    • Get active item id
    • Get playlist length
    • Get media playing
    • Get playlist data
    • Get current media data
    • Init scroll
    • Destroy scroll
    • Get settings
  • Callbacks available
    • Setup done
    • Playlist end
    • Playlist start load
    • Playlist end load
    • Playlist empty
    • Media empty
    • Destroy media
    • Destroy playlist
    • Media triggered
    • Media start
    • Media play
    • Media pause
    • Media end
    • Media seek
    • Playlist item enabled
    • Playlist item disabled
    • Playlist item rollover
    • Playlist item rollout
    • Playlist item click
    • Volume change
    • Progress change
    • Filter change
    • Playback rate change


  • Playlist Admin requires php 5.6 or above (and mysqlnd driver!).
  • Some of the complex css examples like flip may not work on some browsers because of css3 feature availability. Make sure you check preview demos before purchase.
  • Its not possible to autoplay on mobile devices or change sound volume (volume may work on some mobile OS like Android)

Updates / Changelog

UPDATE 2.2 [19.4.2017]

 - [UPDATE] backend: added Auto Loader which enables selection of playlists in page and active playlist (for autoload_db.php demo)

UPDATE 2.15 [4.4.2017]

 - [FIX] fixed admin delete media

UPDATE 2.11 [30.3.2017]

 - [FIX] added mp3 mime types for google drive folder

UPDATE 2.1 [19.3.2017]

 - [ADD] new example included index_default_db.php loads all playlists from admin manager database into the player 

UPDATE 2.05 [18.3.2017]

 - [FIX] admin generator multiple playlist selector fix
 - [ADD] show song name on ios lock screen

UPDATE 2.0 [13.3.2017]

 - [UPDATE] some small admin changes
 - [CHANGE] youtube api removed

UPDATE 1.9.2 [5.3.2017]

 - [FIX] fixed media sort order in playlist admin

UPDATE 1.9.1 [28.2.2017]

 - [UPDATE] added admin column selector in playlist
 - [UPDATE] some small admin changes

UPDATE 1.9 [20.2.2017]

 - [FIX] some tooltip bugs
 - [FIX] api from parent window can now be used in popup window (works only for single hap_player popup instance)
 - [UPDATE] current playlist is now saved when moved to popup window

UPDATE 1.8.5 [18.2.2017]

 - [FIX] fixed youtube playback issue when popup is opened (plays multiple)
 - [CHANGE] updated some mediaEndAction playback (loop/rewind/stop)
 - [CHANGE] playlistList removed from settings 
 - [CHANGE] updated tooltip code (tooltip is now placed manually into html) and seeking code (volume / seekbar) 
 - [UPDATE] updated id3 reader to jsmediatags
 - [CHANGE] Backend playlist admin updated (database now needs to be created manually in cPanel or phpMyAdmin)

UPDATE 1.8.1 [6.2.2017]

 - [UPDATE] some tiny improvements on playlist admin / add media section

UPDATE 1.8 [5.2.2017]

 - [ADD] new ADMIN playlist manager with database
 - [CHANGE] media files moved into root directory
 - [CHANGE] improved loading files from folder (desired folder now contains both mp3 and image thumbnails, thumbnails auto detect extension)

UPDATE 1.5 [19.12.2016]

 - [UPDATE] improved youtube mobile playback 
 - [UPDATE] some inner code improvements

UPDATE 1.4 [11.12.2016]

 - [UPDATE] added option for continous playback across different pages by remembering playback position (continousPlayback)

UPDATE 1.4 [6.12.2016]

 - [UPDATE] added option for continous playback across different pages by remembering playback position (continousPlayback)

UPDATE 1.3 [27.9.2016]

  • [UPDATE] update compatibility with jquery 3

UPDATE 1.21 [18.9.2016]

  • [UPDATE] added playlist option from google drive folder (both mp3 files and image thumbnails, or just mp3 files)

UPDATE 1.2 [16.9.2016]

  • [CHANGE] some css updates across the board
  • [CHANGE] some js updates across the board
  • [FIX] fixed playlist item creation from database_data (missing hap-playist-item classes)
  • [FIX] fixed bug with index_inline (changing pause/play icons on playback)

UPDATE 1.1 [1.9.2016]

  • [CHANGE] some instance + file names have been changed for reorganization
  • [CHANGE] some css updates across the board
  • [CHANGE] some js internal changes
  • [CHANGE] hidden playlist list from view in html (prevent user steal song download)
  • [CHANGE] updated song download method (no php required), for browsers that support it

VERSION 1.0 [17.06.2016]

  • first release

Get wordpress version here


Special Thanks and Credits

Music used is the courtesy of the following authors: