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Free download 2 Games Bundle Unity3D with ADMOB part2 + (Ready for Android iOS) + (2 in 1 Project) !

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This package contains 2 game templates:

Roll Balls (Teeter Totter) unity3d Snake & Ladder unity3D code. YOUTUBE SNAKE & LADDER: youtube.com/watch?v=rkCREOTM_XM

YOUTUBE ROLL BALLS UNITY3D: youtube.com/watch?v=Cvq8rvLDzds

ROLL BALLS (TEETER TOTTER) Teeter Totter is a Board game for kids developed in Unity3D. It uses accelerometer to control & move the board with balls. A realistic physics simulation based Game contains 14 levels with timing mode. Enjoy this game with full of fun and excitement. Tilt the device to control the balls and drop into the innermost circle to win and unlock levels ahead.This game package source code is supported for both Android as well iOS. Game source code is simple and easy to understand. It’s a child hood handheld based game. SNAKE & LADDER

Snake & Ladder is a classic board game developed in Unity3D.this game package is supported for both Android as well as iOS.This can be played between 2-4 players. Snake & Ladder package contains well commented source code written in C#. Game package is easy to reskin and understandable Source code with comments in scripts. Please checkout the Youtube link for game project demo.

Features: ROLL BALLS (TEETER TOTTER) – Features And Requirements

Unity3D 5.3.4 or Higher (Supported for latest version of Unity3D) Supported for both platforms Android as well as iOS. ADMOB banner & Interstitial. Use Accelerometer to control the balls Conatins 14 different entertaining levels and 7 difficulties. I can Add more for you after you purchase Realistic physics simulation based game. Source code is simple and easy to understand. Game project is easy to reskin. Nice graphics assets Sound assets included with Sound Source code programming. SNAKE & LADDER – Features And Requirements

Unity3D 5.3.4 or Higher Game Package is integrated with Admob Integration Supported for Android as well iOS platforms 2-4 players options. Easy to Reskin & properly well commented code within the scripts itself Source code is written in such manner which is easy and simple to understand. Good Graphics and design assets. Sound assets included with Sound Programming script i.e. SoundManagerScript.cs Full developer support.

Instructions: ROLL BALLS ()How To Modify The Project

Open Unity3D 5.3.4 or Higher Import TeeterTotterPackage.unitypackage Switch to Android or iOS Platform from build settings After switching, click on File-> Build settings. Just drag & drop all scenes located in Scenes folder into the window opened. Setup done !!! Easy to Reskin. SNAKE & LADDER – How To Modify The Project

Make Sure unity3D 5.4.1 or Higher is already installed on the system Import SnakeLadderAdmob.unitypackage in Unity3D. After importing the above package, Add 2 scenes “Main Menu” and “Snake Ladder” in Build Settings. Just hit play button Unity3D editor to play the game. This package contains important scripts as follows SnakeLadderScript.cs – This script whole logic of Snake & Ladder gameplay. Just look in the inspector to learn about variables assigned in this script. This code is very easy to understand and written in simple understandable code. SoundManagerScript.cs – This script contains sound coding written in few lines of code which is easy to understand. MainMenuScript.cs – This script contains public functions attached on UI Elements.