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The subdividable model can be used for many purposes, including photorealistic closeups.

Intended for use in Blender, however, the model can be imported to and used in any 3D software, which supports at least one of the given formats.

The previews are rendered with Cycles rendering engine. Subdivision levels of all objects set to 1.

The product was created using PBR metalness workflow, which is often used in photorealistic imagery production.


  • 174,511 quadrangles.
  • 328 triangles.
  • No n-gons.
  • Clean edge flow and geometry.


  • 41 logically named real-world scale object.
  • 1 camera (same position as signature).
  • 3 materials (Principled BSDF shaders).
  • 15 textures (including an HDRI image used for previews).


  • Engine_Base_Diffuse (8192×8192)
  • Engine_Base_Roughness (8192×8192)
  • Engine_Base_Metalness (8192×8192)
  • Engine_Base_Normal (8192×8192)
  • Engine_Base_Emission (8192×8192)
  • Engine_Big_Parts_Diffuse (8192×8192)
  • Engine_Big_Parts_Roughness (8192×8192)
  • Engine_Big_Parts_Metalness (8192×8192)
  • Engine_Big_Parts_Normal (8192×8192)
  • Engine_Small_Parts_Diffuse (8192×8192)
  • Engine_Small_Parts_Roughness (8192×8192)
  • Engine_Small_Parts_Metalness (8192×8192)
  • Engine_Small_Parts_Normal (8192×8192)
  • Engine_Small_Parts_Emission (8192×8192)
  • Industrial_Room.hdr (5000×2500).


  • 2.9×9.7×3 m.
  • Unit system is set to metric and degrees.

It is possible to produce higher quality renderings by adjusting rendering settings, such as increasing the amount of samples taken per pixel, increasing subdivision level of the model and setting bigger resolution at the cost of increased rendering time.